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Default Re: I bought a virtually new bike

Originally Posted by Tom in Kingman View Post
First off, I could not locate the manual to download. Second, the web site says 16:1 to 20:1 for the first 4 tankfuls. After that about 25:1. What is recommended by those that do this a LOT? Also, replacing a lot of stuff is daunting. Mounting bolts (what size?) As for chain, what part number am I looking for? It sounds like I'm replacing half the bike. I'll check the web sites I was given by dirt and see what I can come up with. Thanks.
Re the oil: he's right about letting the oil you use help decide the ratio. I can't recall the brand I used to use, but I remember starting at 16:1 and having nothing but trouble, even after futzing with the carb settings. If you're really fouling plugs and black stuff is dripping out the tailpipe, cut back to 20:1. Still doing the same? - 32:1. At about 32:1 mine started running smoother and stopped fouling the plug. And there was still some getting back into the carb, and I could still feel good viscosity with my fingers, so I knew she was getting plenty lubed all the way around. Later, after break-in was up, I went to 40:1.

If you know what to look for, the oil you use can help you decide ratio.

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