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Default Re: No gas money+ 1mile away= :(

Originally Posted by decoherence View Post
off topic a little but, castor beans also make ricin.
ricin can be made by the waste of castor oil production.
the amount equivalent as 2 grains of salt will kill.
Forensic scientists don't like it to get out (so here I am blabbing on an open forum, d'oh!) but it also happens to be one of the few mostly untraceable ways to poison somebody. There's conflicting information about this but I have a Brigadier General friend who mentioned it to me because he knew assassins who'd use it for that reason; because it was hard to prove the mark had been poisoned, let alone who'd done it. Ricin exits the body in the fecal matter, leaving hardly a trace amount behind, after having caused internal bleeding.
BUT - use too much, and your mark will void it all, becoming wretchedly ill. Use too little - and the mark may not even notice. Tricky stuff.

BTW: watch those "three bean" salads,

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