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Question Is this happy or sad :/

A few days ago I stopped at the local bike shop after school to buy new break pads. As I'm locking my bike up in front of the shop, I happened to look be hind me and I seen a 5-7 y/o blind boy walking into the with his parents. The boy was happy that he was going to get his first bike.(we all had that excitement before its majical) as I'm buying the break pads I see the boy feeling his new bike (this is the happy part) then he askes his parents where the front wheel is (at this point the smile on my face disappered) he was getting a tag-A-long bike :/ I'm thinking that he thought he was going to ride all over his neighborhood and have the freedom that we all had with our first bike.

This happened a few days ago and I had to gather my thoughts as you can see I have mixed emotions.....
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