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OPTI-2 OPTI-2 OPTI-2 OPTI-2 RUN THIS OIL AT WHATEVER MIX YOUR COMFORTABLE WITH! I run my bike at 70:1 mix at full rpm almost the whole life of the engine (426 mi so far) My break in consisted of a 50:1 Mix, three 20 minute temp cycles and 4 blocks at part throttle. And then 100 mi of varied RPMs and never full speed for any long period of time. Mid range riding speed while cracking the throttle all the way open (with the clutch engaged) this will dump extra gas/oil into the engine by way of low air speed but full needle/main opening. This way of driving will oil a plug quickly and you should always check your plug during break in. Full rpm all the time will kill your magneto.(resolder and rtv it. if your talented or have alot of patience rewind yours.)

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