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If you have not already done it or had it done..... engine disassembled, bore check, deck height check, head check, porting check. If any of your surfaces are iregular(not flat) or you still have casting flaws you have to fix this issue.
These engines were made by cross eyed 5 yr olds with antique machines. Nothing is ever perfect. If you take the time to have your engine corrected you should also replace all of the original bearings and hardware. In addition refer back to older books on 2 stroke exhaust and figure for gearing,bicycle weight,rider weight and the most important riding conditions. Your exhaust
is a great tuning tool when used correctly. And yes the motor is ready to blow and screaming like a banshee at 52mph. This was flat land in full board
track tuck. (yes i know i looked real stupid as I PASSED YOU!) Take your time, do it right and you will have one of the cheapest, most reliable and fun forms of transportation available today. gearing and close tolerances with minimal drag will net you speed. And I flip the finger to useless mods like boost bottles and dry nitrous( you might as well just leave the oil out of the mix because all it does is lean your motor to the point of meltdown.)
If anybody is in milwaukee,Wi and needs help feel free to e-mail me @

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