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Default Re: I bought a virtually new bike

Pictures would be nice. I have basically the same set up. Mine is a Roadmaster, but I think a bit older with a 48cc slant head Skyhawk. You can download the manual from Typical advise for this. Replace the sparkplug, sparkplug wire, mounting bolts and chain to say the least. Bolt torque is 10 foot pounds for head bolts and mounting studs. Check the torque on everything before each ride or after the engine has cooled down. Use blue Loctite. Be careful of the head bolts. They can come loose after a long ride and blow the head gasket. Get mirrors. Visit Sick Bike Parts web site. After drooling, buy some stuff. A lot of parts are inexpensive and they have all been of top quality for me so far. Mine has their HD shift kit and where I live it was the difference of having a usable bike or not. I've also installed their sound dampeners which have helped.

Don't ride with just a front brake. I'm looking at upgrading both my wheels for improved brakes and axle bearings.

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