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Default I bought a virtually new bike

I hope I didn't act too hasty but what the heck, it's only $175. A guy bought 2 of them for $350 each. One for him and one for his wife. When she saw what he did he got "the look". Needless to say she was NOT riding with him. Sooooo up for sale at half price. I will describe as best as I can what I have. Only downside is that they sat in his garage for 2 years so we WON'T use the gas. It ran for about 2 seconds with a new plug and I shut it right down. I'll put some 16:1 in it in a couple of days. Anyway, It's a Roadmaster Mt. Fury Mountain bike. The engine is by Skyhawk. It's a Starfire GT-2 48cc/1.95 HP. Made in 2009. The tires are 26/1.95 INNOVA.
I'm glad it's a 48cc since that is the max under AZ law. It's been said that the cops have no way of knowing. Well that's true if the cop CAN'T read. It's on the engine plate. As just a bike it seems to ride "kinda fair" and I found out something very interesting. You can lock the clutch out so you don't have to hold it in when you just cycle w/o the engine running. I have NO book for this sooo I will search the "information highway" and hope to find one. I already broke one brake lever and split the lead button from the other brake. So I rigged one front brake and will buy what I need when I go to town for 2 cycle oil and some gas. (We live rural).
Anyway, this is my first bike so it's a learning experience. If all goes well I look forward to getting a little trailer to haul some light but bulky stuff into the boondocks for prospecting. Any advice or suggestions please let me know before I break anything else.
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