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Default Re: frame recommendation help

I was going to post pictures but got pre-empted by a gal named Irene, a hurricane that is. She dumped 18 inches of stinky salt water in my garage and screwed up my fun!! Will post photos once I get it all cleaned up. I fabricated the mounting plates from 3/8" plate steel using an enclosed horizontal slot instead of an open one for added strength. My frame is a little too narrow, so the bolt-on plates allow me to open the frame a bit as I bolt the wheel on. Probably too anal about that, maybe I'm part German and just like to over-engineer! One of the bolts that holds the plate on is welded to the knockout, the other is not welded since it holds the brace for my seat and the fender brace and needs to be removeable. Changing tires is complicated by having to unbolt the plates, but that's a tradeoff I'm willing to take right now(might reconsider after my first flat out in the boonies). It's easy to fabricate plate steel if you have a good jigsaw and sharp blades. I put blue painting tape on the metal and draw the cutting line on the tape with a good pen. With a little grinding and filing, you'd be surprized what you can come up with. BTW, my Murray is a 26er. Thanks for your interest.
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