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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?
"I actually went over to two bikes shops yesterday for you guys."
Your a good guy Goat. Great example of what our host had in mind when he opened here. Having a great time doing the mod/public servant/self propelled anti-spam device thing. Just a great bunch of folks. Most are crazy but good people and fun folk.

"No matter what the bike wants."
Har, lol Allen. Know what ya mean.

Getting closer to having all the tools needed for the brandy new mill/lathe! So been designing. Is amazing what ya can do with one of these. Looking for an actual shop to rent or buy. I should build one in the yard but Carol has been telling me; "No offence but the yard is starting to look a wee bit trashy" or some thing trash. lol)

First project is a bushing. Then a 4 smoke transmission. Then a motorized bicycle pulse yet engine. Is just so cool to have the toys to make any of those. Just gotta learn how to do it, snork.

To pay for all this, I might have to try and make stuff non motorized bicycle related. I just don't want it to become a job or biz. Or get a 3rd job. But I have tried the JOB thing. Can't say I am a fan of it. (Sorry about the language)

Man, hiker did a great job making these smilies. Another one of the great examples of our happy lil community.

Give your selves a round of applause! LOL, then enplane to your spouse why your sitting in front of your computer clapping.

worst apocalypse ever
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