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Default Re: Local Cops and top speed

I got lucky and found an awesome cop here in town. I was going down main street WOT doing about 29-30MPH, and up ahead hes waiting there in the school zone, I went ahead rode passed him then I turned back around and started going back WOT 29-30, when the header from my Xchamber fell off and my bike took off like crazy. So I pulled over to fix the problem when I look behind me and he was walking towards me, to my surprise he was grinning ear to ear, then he said with excitement like he was the one that did it. DUDE YOU HIT 37!!!!! Anyways he asked why I was going that speed so I showed him the header and he said, oh ok probably sucked some fresh air and thats what gave you the boost. That was the best cop I ever met, now whenever we pass each other we wave. I'll probably ask him some time to clock me, I can hit around 38 now, we'll see if my speedo is good.
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