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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

Today I ride.

I have been hitching a ride with a co-worker but nothing beats the feeling of independence of my MaB.

I am riding on the second RAW and I now feel there is nothing wrong with the first RAW.
So forget about needing to R and R ( remove and replace ) the drive bearing. Not necessary.

So a slow ride this morning as I burn the first gallon of break in mix. 100 miles means 4 days of travel so by Thursday the 100 miles will be done.
I am starting this engine at 1869 (Frame Miles) and the first RAW drove 1144 of those miles. The first "kit" motor made it to 725 miles before it failed.

So it is off to work.. Again, and all I can say is I seem to have gotten better with the fatigue of 7 day a week work.
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