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Default Re: Dropout extensions... where to buy?

I bolted some extension in the front fork but never the rear. In my craziness, I used a 6" shelf bracket and cut it in half. I bolted it through the fork on the outside, then welded it just to prevent it from moving. The bolts where the securing point. I went from a twenty inch fork in front to a 26". I had a hub motor in the fork and it held even with my crappy welding.

In the rear you could theoretically do the same bolt the bar in with a 3/8 bplt then find a spot to hold a `1/4 inch bolt behind it somewhere just to keep it from moving. Use a lock tight on the threads. Two nuts and bolts on each one should be enough. There really can't be any twist action on the bolts it is all going to be up and down where their strength really is. I wouldn't have it welded. I would want to be able to take the bolts off to remove the wheel.

On second thought you probably need a chain tensioner as well, since you wont be able to adjust the position of the wheel. you can take it on and off, but not slide it around this way. Unless of course you were to bolt the extension onto the axle then run your bolt through the extension instead of a bolt behind the dropout use a serious automotive clamp on the round part of the frame to keep the extension in place.

Please remember this is from a man who fell off his bike and broke 6 ribs and his collar bone you might not want to take my advice. If you do check it carefully and often.

It is an interesting problem.
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