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Default Dropout extensions... where to buy?

I have come to the conclusion on an oddball build of mine (Tomos/AMF Roadmaster) that I want to go with 26" rims. There isn't room in the frame for that big a wheel in the rear, so I want to extend the axle point back by a few inches. A year or more in the past someone on this forum bought dropout extensions which bolted on to the existing ones and also had a couple more bolts added if I remember right. Does anyone know of a source?
Any suggestions or photos from someone who has made their own? If I have to make my own then I'd like to have horizontal dropouts with adjustment bolts. I think I'd leave the welding to someone with some skill in this area. If a friend and I do it then I'd want a pro to look over the welds to be sure they are right. Any suggestions on type and thickness of metal? Don't want anything coming apart ever. I can't be the only one who has wanted to do this.
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