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Default Re: Mountain or Cruise?

Well I feel slightly insulted, Walmart is such a reputable company...haha =p
It wasnt really that I am looking at getting a walmart bike, I was looking at getting a schwinn and the cheapest price just happened to be at walmart. I am looking for a decent enough bike, but I am limited on money and having trouble finding a used bike that isnt rusted out or in a trash pile. That particular walmart bike would come unassembled. The rockhopper I am planning on buying, might end up costing to much as there are multiple people trying to buy it. A new quality bike seems to start at 400$+, I am trying to spend half that or less. Do you have any recomendations on where to purchase a used bike besides craigslist or ebay?
Thanks for the additional specs for the motor. Size was a concern when choosing my setup, but I need to be as quiet and legal as possible, can't afford a ticket. So I need to be as quiet and legal as possible. The ability to switch gears on a motorized bicycle is illegal in my city, so I plan on waiting a few months to make that upgrade.
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