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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Yesterday I removed and replaced the ignition wire and spark plug on both bikes. A trip to my local NAPA beforehand and I've now made two ignition wires (first time I've done that, pretty straightforward job) and installed them on the CDIs and replaced the plugs on both engines with B5HS's. Fortunately I rediscovered my plug wrench, since the replacements are 13/16", not the smaller China plug. Of course on one CDI the cable simply unscrewed and I was able to have it done in 20 minutes. The other CDI was assembled by the employee of the month with the boss watching, meaning the cable wouldn't come free of the CDI and I ended up having to dig out the crap around the screw after the wire came apart before it would come free. They must have used all of that day's adhesive on one unit. Both are working nicely and are both sealed with RTV silicon. The magneto covers on both are also now sealed (better to do the preventive work when the weather's nice) with RTV as well.

Today I'm back on to the general tinkering and torquing before going out for a cruise.


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