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Default Re: frame recommendation help

Thanks for the replies:

MBF, I havent been able to find a 26" frame (on the cheap). That would be the way to go. I've got a ccm cruiser that's only 20" I got free and four motorized bicycles that are around 22-23". I've got welding equipment so I thought of doing some resizing and customizing to see if I could come up with something cool. BTW inseem is leg length - the one the tailor does that makes guys jump.


I wasnt familiar with the two bikes you mentioned so I did a google image search - both nice but that schwinn straight bar is outstanding! That's exactly what I want. I think one of those with a layback post as you said is right on the money - thanks! I've got two 2stroke kits on two motorized bicycles right now as well as a few other small motors kicking around (non-kit) that I may use so I'm pretty versatile.
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