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Default Re: Mountain or Cruise?

Hey, thanks for all the input. I havent been on a bike since I was a kid on a BMX, so it seemed natural for me to choose mountain bike. But I always thought cruisers looked so cool and comfortable, which began the downfall in my choosing a bike. I'm trying to think what will be better long term, using the bicycle as a replacement for a car(no license, gotta be careful). I live in an urban city, so wont have the choice of actual offroading much. I will be using it mostly as a daily ride, to and from work as well as everywhere else. As for the frame/hardware, I figured since it was a Schwinn, it would be the same no matter where i bought it? But they have an alluminum and steel version of the same cruiser. I measured the rockhopper to fit a 9x9 square, since the engine is not quite square I'm pretty sure it will fit. Does anybody by chance no what the angle of operation for these engines is? Does the shiftkit work with the T-belt drivetrain? I would think it will but the manual only specifically states the stage 2 and 3 drivetrains.

Any further advice or experience is much appreciated, thanks.
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