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Default Re: frame recommendation help

I have experience with two bikes which have the kind of frame look you're talking about. One is a Worksman NB and the other a Schwinn straight bar (Panther). The Worksman feels like a smaller bike and the Panther feels like it was made for an adult. Something about the proportions. Yes, with a 34" inseam you've got long legs to deal with. I'm six foot with a 30-31" inseam. A lay back post on the Panther would be about right, I would think. I don't know what kind of engine you intend to use and how much pedaling you have in mind, which makes a big difference. My use of pedals is as foot rests and I pedal to propel the bike as little as possible. While I love the geometry of these frames, I am too old to be laying down on a bike to look like I'm racing. I like being comfortable, so sit upright on a comfortable seat. The look I want is early motorcycle, not racer. If you can content yourself with that you should be good to go. Some big fellows rode those early ones you can be sure. I'd choose the Panther over the Worksman frame any time and doubt I'll use a Worksman frame again. For anything but a HT motor the Worksman frame has to be altered, while the Panther has a lot more room without modification. I think the answer for you will be in repositioning the seat... getting it back there as far as you can. The lay back post is one way, but I've seen others that position the seat back even more. That would give your legs the stretch you're looking for.
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