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IMHO a 2-stroke china kit will never be as reliable as a 4-stroke Honda. I've had mine running 100% everyday for the last 4 years. If you had purchased a quality American built kit in the first place you'd have spent the same money, had less down time, more over-all fun and a product you know will last well into the future instead of worrying whether your finicky 2-smoke is going to start in the morning and be able to get you to work... When you run out of gas you can pull into any station not having to worry about pre-mix, and as people become more aware of pollution and the environmental effects of burning fossil fuels 2-strokes will be even further ostracized and looked down upon. Just my .02 cents

P.S. I operate my rig rain or shine. Water doesn't do a thing to the fully sealed electronic ignition system in a 4-stroke

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