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Default time to buy a kit...9-10-''s in the numbers

hello all
i am going to buy my 1st kit and i want to hear from all you builders and users...
simple request really
i want a kit in the less than 50cc bracket so that when i DO get stopped atleast it's not bigger than the traditional displacement that most states allow you to use without licenseing, insuring, etcetera
that aside, i am mechanically competent, will look after the engine once installed, have plenty of bicycles and wheels to choose from....

the Grubee looks sorted out
obviously i'll want to buy from people who stock spares and know their product... I won't need to have my hand held every turn of the screw...just real people doing the right thing...

i have 200 more or less to get the whole shabang to my front door in baltimore maryland

this won't be my last kit but i'd love to start w/ one that everyone here agrees is a great place to start this hobby...I am open to all input...

i have salvaged weed wackers and lawnmower engines but have way too much going on in my day to day to fabricate around these good old's time to buy a kit and see what it's all about....

if i had 700 bucks i'd buy the belt driven kit from American Eagle...and a couple of the Chinese 4 stroke CVT belt to final drive chain systems are appealing to me...and 350 plus shipping seems fair

i have 200 at the moment and want to be up and running before this winter....

thank you all for your 2 cents worth....i'll listen...choose...record my journey to share here in text,vid and pics.
i've been inspired by all your contributions to this forum and want to add my experience to wealth of info here

thanks a ton
baltimore maryland
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