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Default Re: 1st build in the mail!!

Nice looking bike you have there.
It looks like the engine will be a real tight fit inside the frame if you can even get it to fit.

One has to mix 2-stroke oil with the gas to provide lubricant to all the internal engine parts.
Without it the engine lifespan can be measured in minutes instead of miles.

They do not have an oil sump like a 4 stroke engine has. There is no drain plug or dip stick either.
A 2 stroke engine needs extra lubrication during the break in period to allow the parts to wear into each other properly. 24:1 is a good ratio to use with most pre-mix oils.
After break in is completed (about 2 to 3 gallons of fuel, 200 to 300 miles) there is no longer a need for the extra oil. The engine will run better and have less internal carbon buildup with a higher ratio. 32:1 is a good ratio to use with the aforementioned oil.

If you choose to use a higher ratio oil such as Amsoil Sabre, Opti2, ect. use the oil manufacturers recommendation for the ratio.
Note: Opti2 mixes at 100:1. Some folks are uncomfortable with this and have good results running as low as 70:1.
Other folks have broken in brand new engines with Opti2 at 100:1 and are more than delighted with the results.

It's your choice as to which type of pre-mix to use, but never ever ever never never mix traditional 32:1 pre-mix oils at such high ratios.

The oil debate is as old as the invention of oil. I do not want to debate it with anyone, just share what I know on the subject.
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