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Unhappy No gas money+ 1mile away= :(

So I got bad choices I knew that I had barely any gas in the tank, But I just got my motor bike working yesterday So I have that urge still to ride it! So I take it out knowing not even half full tank, I see a huge walmart parking lotvery few cars I couldnt help it I was riding back and forth about 15mph not sure though, Then I forgot all about my gas problem while riding so I go even further to mcdonalds just seeing who was up there because thats where some people hang out at, yeah a mcdonalds. I see a huge group of guys and two girls on the side of em I pass them up and turn into popeyes chicken to turn around, I try going about 20mph past them and not even 20 feet from them, you guessed it I ran out of gas so i look like a retard when I came to a complete stop lmfao! Had to walk my bike about a mile home long hard walk ill tell you. As I was walking it home I reflected on my actions, ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FULL TANK OF GAS WHEN GOING FAR DISTANCES!!! Yeah and with this story I have some questions, I think my motor is just swallowing the gas because I only road it about max of two hours when I had full tank and it went out? Does the idling have to do anything about how much gas the motor consumes? How can I get better gas millage? Oh yeah and i just finished one tank I put 16:1 still breaking it in. should I higher the ratio?
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