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You can use the smaller engine,, but you will have to gear your bike lower which means you need a small front sprocket(countersprocket) and a larger rear sprocket. You'll probably need a 20:1 gear ratio. I don't know how high Chinagirls will rev, mine is a Grubee 66 cc and it doesn't seem to have a very wide band. That could be because of the way it's tuned with the original carb and jetting. I probably have 500 miles on my Homelite bike, I don't ride it as much as some because I have a Whizzer and two motorcycles. I live 3 miles from a fishing village and that's as far as I ususally ride. I'll send pictures as soon as I can get my camera charged. I'm currently cleaning up my bikes thanks to Hurricane Irene who deposited 18" of salt water in my garage. I didn't see any need to modify the engine. I even used the original choke and air filter that came with the chainsaw. I did fabricate a manifold that holds a 1" diameter exhaust pipe that has a pipe fitting on the end so I can use a Chinagirl muffler for quiet operation or screw on a Briggs muffler for free breathing. With the Briggs muffler it sounds like a Bultaco dirt bike!!!
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