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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

All is well. I take it that bearing is still in there too.

From this round of hubbub I have my own welder, a new RAW installed and running with the older RAW more than likely just fine but will change that drive bearing out anyway.

So all in all I advance in ability.. Now to see about aluminium flux core.. I read in a post that there is such a thing.

The new "plastic idler" wheels are here and there was failure with the old idler after all.

On the horizon is a modification to my mount to protect against engine rotation. I have some ideas and a suggestion from a fellow motorized bicycle friend.

So all is well and the 7 day a week job continues.
There will be little time for short rides so fingers are crossed that this engine will break in well doing 12 mile runs.
I did the 5, 10 and 15 minute run and cools. I did the 1/4 mile tour and a 1/2 mile ride after that and the clutch is a different animal than the previous clutch.
I'll know a bit more after the first ride to and from work.

I'll be ready to tackle most problems short of an engine change or major structural damage tomorrow.

I enjoy sharing my experiences with the members and I know it can seem that a poster can be dumb but behind all this is a real man struggling in the post-bailout America for a full time job.

The motorized bicycle is more than a toy from my point of view..

Again my thanks to the first responders and all.

My fingers are crossed that it will be a good first ride to work.
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