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How much do you ride your engine daily in miles? How many total miles do you have on it (Not including the use of the chainsaw, just riding the bike)? Looks like a crazy used engine on a chainsaw. I hope these are CARB approved, but either way it would not matter.
How hard/fast do you ride it most often? (Some reported reliable china engines with full throttle running 10s of miles without problems so I'm asking about this).
Do you have any problems with your Homelite overheating? (Btw those homelight chainsaws are only 180 new for a 42cc at home depot).

By the way, how much did you spend on everything to mount the engine? Also does it have a pull lever clutch?

What would the max speed be on a 44 tooth rear sprocket without any gear shifting, but just 1 gear? 3.33 hp seems far more than these China engines can produce. What's the max RPM for China engines?

So yours is 58.2cc, 7500 rpm, and 3.33 hp? Any modifications on it?
What model is your engine? Homelight 360? I found a homelight 360 for $50 on craigslist. But still curious about what model you have because it seems hard to find a brand new 58cc engine, others that are selling new are 42cc and under.

Do you have pictures of the engine installed on the bike?

Thank you!

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