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Gera229, I didn't answer a couple of your questions. The engine is mounted above the lower bracket just like Chinagirls. It fits well because I removed all of the extraneous stuff like the handle, the bar mounts, the oil tank, etc. Are they reliable? Ask a logger how often they wear out a good chainsaw. They work in water, in mud, covered in oil, they are nearly bulletproof. My engine probably has 500 hours on it, maybe more and it's like new. As far as centifugal clutches slipping: the clutches are made to engage at a fixed RPM. This is controlled by the strength of the clutch springs. The larger the diameter of the clutch housing, the stronger the "bite" when the springs extend. My Hueng Sheng 4 stroke engine has a tiny centrifugal clutch, the Homelite is much bigger and locks up tighter and is less likely to slip. I hope this helps.
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