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Default Giving Up!

So I am about to give up on my 2-stroke china engine which I put on a 26" cruiser. It was my first bike and served me well (if by well you mean unholy nightmare) for the last few months. Got to work today and when I left for lunch it wouldn't start. Pretty sure it is the magneto after some troubleshooting / cursing.

Basically I'm at the point of buying a new bike and engine kit and am wondering if I should go the pre-assembled route as well as if I should the switch to a 4-stroke. I wanted to get some of your guy's opinions on the 4-stroke idea as well as some tips towards where I should buy my new rig. My wallet is far from fat so I don't want to spend too much, but I am sick and tired of these $30-$50 repairs every couple weeks.

To sum this all up;
What do you guys think about switching to 4-stroke?

Where should I buy for best price/quality?

Thanks everyone
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