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Default Re: Sold My Bike

I'm just the opposite- I'm thinking of selling my scooter next spring, just to concentrate on my two builds- even though it's a little faster and a smoother ride

as I've now torn apart a 50 down to pistons and rings, put in sound dampeners and played around with carbs, I'm starting to appreciate the simplistic beauty of the China Girl- I'm not much intimidated by the repairs, which are relatively very cheap compared to other transportation- now that I'm finally out of my flooded house in Indiana, these bikes are saving me all kinds of gas and miles and wear and tear on my car- in a metro area, and it's fun.

If I eventually get out of this one bedroom apartment on a busy - but bike-laned street- the bikes will be easier to transport and hold on to. Plus I keep the builds inside, even though upstairs, and the scooter has to stay out and covered

I still prefer to pedal really, but have a lot of tension and fatigue if I do much at my age- 57.

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