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Default Holy, itís fast!

I recently had an insight into how really fast my motorized bike is.

I ride both a motorized bike and also a pedal bike. I ride more hours on the pedal bike, but ride more miles on the motor bike.

Sure, I look at the speedometer and know the motorized bike goes faster. It goes 30 mph, whereas I have to work pretty hard to pedal at 15 mph. But the true is, my motorized bike doesnít really feel all that much faster.

Well, on the back streets that I usually ride on, I can pretty much keep up with cars on my motorized bike. I just fall in behind a car and can usually stay there.

Yesterday I was riding my pedal bike and the cars were zooming by me like they always do. And I thought to myself, on my motorized bike I would be keeping up with those cars. Then I imagined what I would look like on my bike keeping up with the cars. The image was of a bike going incredibly fast. I thought, holy s***, my motorized bike is soooo much faster!
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