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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

Yes it was set high. Impressive! I sorta worried that the unit would be lame but it isn't.

I will be taking time to learn the machine and to fabricate a nice part welded with a lower setting.

The obvious thing is that it will not break and that I got penetration. Basically, I plugged the Lincoln in and turned it up and started to do what I did.. No, fore thought or test welds to set things.

When I get some time I have some angle iron here to make a bike stand. I'd like to be able to have the bike on a rack where I can take the wheels off or run the engine and spin the wheel.
Now that I know that little Lincoln can penetrate I know I can get a sweet stand made.

For those reading about using inner-shield (flux core) I recommend this Lincoln. I am impressed that it has the power to melt the metal as you see above.
The other side of that I successfully filled a gap to allow the other "prong" to angle down slightly. So I have good things to say about this Lincoln.

Oh; btw I tossed that part out. It doesn't work out like I assumed. I will use a new muffler clamp until I get a nicer unit made.

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