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Default Re: Looks or performance.........

One of the great things about this hobby is there is something for everyone. No prescription applies to anyone. If you can have fun riding down the street on a bike that only a toad could love, that's fine, the creation meets your needs. However, as someone who has been planted in the dirt and asphalt a number of times over my life, I think more thought should be given to safety as an element of performance. Not only do I want a bike that runs well, is fun to ride, and goes fast, I want one that will stop when I need it to, is comfortable to the point that I can enjoy the experience without walking bowlegged the rest of the day, and one that has minimal amenities like lights and fenders in case I get caught in the rain. In addition, I don't like fixing stuff on the side of the road so I don't want fuel leaks, loose wires, or parts that fall off. To me, these are all performance issues. Now, if I get a thumbs up, a wave, or as I get on my Whizzer all the time, guys stopping in the middle of the street to tell me how their dad rode one from Raleigh to Kentucky in 1948, all the better!!! The pizzazz is icing on the cake.
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