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Default Re: gardener turned mechanic

2 Door see if the little buggers take to this stuff? I had a dog one year right at winter/fall figured out he could jimmy the back French doors open. Any how mice moved in from the neighbors I guess? I tried the Mexican mouse trap.

Which consisted of a can suspended on a stiff piece of wire through the rim of a 5 gallon bucket. Smeared peanut butter on the can. The little buggers could not reach the peanut butter and would jump from the rim of the bucket onto the can. The can would roll over and drop them into the bucket ''full of water'' Was not good enough.. MEXICAN MOUSETRAP / TRAMPA MEXICANA PARA RATON - YouTube

Then I use the electric mouse trap the one that zaps them. I liked that one the most. If I was up late at night the dogs would perk up. There was these zapping noises like a stun gun and shrieking. I know sounds cruel but we were not going to share living quarters. lol. These guy's don't wast time trying to multiply. I got this party was over. Never had a problem again.

It dehydrates them some how and they turn to dust. Done deal..
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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