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Default isolation motor mount,etc

heres the pics!
#1 my first bike, which at around 27 mph started to turn your bottom end, legs and all, into vibration jelly! sold it for 200.00 bot 2 more engines, and got busy.
#2 my personal ride, very beat up and tweaked, as it is the guinea pig for any invention i come up with. leaks a bit of gas from the gas line as you can see.
#3 the motor mount i invented for complete isolation of the engine from at least the front tube.please dont take my idea and sell it! i could lie to you and say it's patented, but i'd make God sad, so i wont. dont make me sad. you can use this idea for you own bikes in personal use, just dont make money off me!.
#4 top speed on this bike.
#5 here's how i hooked up the throttle on my gx50. i took apart the governor system a little bit, connected the long arm to the push tab with a piece of wire, bent part of the throttle tab over, having cut a notch in it to allow the peice to bend fully, and then cut a line into the lower tab, the part you push up or down to speed up or down(for lack of words!) threaded the cable through the perfectly placed hole in the top tab and slid the cable end into my cut in the lower tab. up top by the carb i took the larger spring from the original governor set up and connected it to a bolt in the ohv cap and to the secondary hole in the throttle(pin? maybe its called that:the black part!) and then took a peice of hard wire, connected it from the 3rd hole on the pin to the long arm coming up from the governor assembly. hopefully that was understandable. look at the pics.
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