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Cool Re: Pant or Jean leg caught / catches on clutch lever nut

Originally Posted by MyPC8MyBrain View Post
The end result is that you move the lever over the top of the motor so it's out of the way.
Thanks, MyPC. I'm trying to picture this. Is this intended to avoid pant legs from snagging on the end of the lever? Where the cable connects? By adjusting it so it points more inward?

I've noticed that oddly enough, that's not what's happening to me. My pant leg actually catches on the nut that holds the lever in place. So that's the point where I'm trying to engineer a solution.

I'm finding putting on gloves, helmet, getting the bike out of the garage, the gate, turning on gas valve, etc is all taking so much time it makes jumping on and going for a quick ride less fun. That's why I'm loathe to start worrying about pant leg straps, although those metal ones look at least half-way cool.

Re: wearing shorts. I once had a cat that no matter how I tried to teach it, it would unroll a full roll of toilet paper in my bathroom every day. I fought forever to train it differently, then one day just put a ring of metal around the roll and he couldn't unroll it anymore. The point being, I love engineered solutions. Makes sense, yes?

Plus, I've seen people with seriously road-rashed legs. There are some nasty youtube wreck vids worth checking out. I cruise at 30 and would prefer some jeans there to take at least some of the damage. And more than that, fall is already in there air here, so shorts are going to mean freezing balls pretty soon.

I'll post pics of my wire solution when I get it going. Had a frenzied day. But thanks again!

Anyone else who has ideas, please post away!
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