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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

had the trailer out to tote some beers in light rain.

Met a nice dood on an ebike goin the other way over the foot bridge. Chatted for a good hour by the bridge. No probs, lots of honey's walking by to talk to, this is around quitting time. Then this one old timer(80 plus) comes by,"how the heck did you build that", so there goes another 1/2 hour... and a card in his hand to have his grand kids help him out, to check out this site. all good.

I finally said "I can't drink here, so if you want to chat more I live around the corner." Sounds creepy, but hey, my beer's getting warm and I can't drink it. Plus this is Canada! \,,/

So it turned out this dude I've been chatting with for a good hour an a 1/2(while honey's are going by) is a pro fisherman in the area, and hooked me up with the best spots to fish, and what bait Pickerel/Perch/Pike like. All for a couple of beers and some chatting about MABs. whoo!

Chalk one up for the good days.
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