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Default Re: Engine fire, bad burns.

I guess the first thing to do if a fire starts- and you're not terribly on fire yourself-

would be to close down the petcock fuel valve- with no internal oil- (and two cycles tend to stay clean outside for that reason) the fire may not burn itself long enough to ignite the gas tank- UNLESS the line melts and more gas drips from the tank-

a good thick rubber fuel line would probably resist melting and letting more fuel to the fire much better than the plastic vitta shipped with the kits- I've replaced part of mine with stuff I had around- but now think I'll pick up some good thick rubber line at the auto parts store-- should still be able to see the fuel through the filter

When my motor floods, the first thing I do is cut off the fuel valve- its too bad you didn't do that, and like they're saying- the spark of the unhooked wire must have lit it all up. I like carbs that have a shut-off valve on that side too.

Sorry about your accident and best wishes for a speedy recovery

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