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Default Re: Finally finished (for now)

Thanx for the tips, Guys. And I appreciate the complements, too.

I just got a classic 1963 Vespa Allstate, so now most of my time is going to go to that. Plus I'm Military, and I'm applying for an Officer's commission, so I've stopped touching the bike at all, until my package goes to the board on 1 October. So, until then, the bike is going to sit untouched.

Naming her, umm.... I think I'll call her my China Girl, lol.. The wife will love that.

And the cupholder came with the bike. I don't know why, I can't think of needing a drink that bad that I NEED a cupholder on the bike. But I like the way it makes the bike look. So I'm sticking with it...
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