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Default Re: 66cc Bike Engine Caught On FIRE!!!

This is why I replaced the fuel line! The stock fuel line is underrated as the worst piece of junk in the kit! Aside from that awful, awful petcock. I can't wait to get rid of it. Can someone explain why it doesn't have hard on/off positions?

The closest I came to having an engine fire was yesterday. I ran out of gas and had to peddle to a gas station and fill up. I forgot to turn off the petcock, which meant that the fuel that sank into the filter didn't have oil. I let a little bit leak out but lost some control and gas got on to the engine head. I guess it wasn't hot enough, because it didn't catch fire.

I see two problems with having the clutch cover off. One, you might have some problems if you get sprayed by sprinklers. Second, I wouldn't want my jeans to get caught in the gears!
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