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Default Engine fire, bad burns.

Hey guys.
This has been a ton of fun!!!
But I'm out.
My family had a bunch of fun building and maintaining these bikes, but this weekend I had a very bad mishap.

I started by replacing the fender hanger for the rear fender. tightened the rear bearing cone nut. Adjusted the chain, and got ready to go.

I have never had a problem starting the engine, Just get on, peddle, pop and go. easy. But this time the engine would not even turn over. I'd pull the clutch, peddle and release, the engine would bump once, the skid the back tire for about 4 feet. Flooded. So I pulled the spark plug and removed it from the wire. Now the engine would turn over. I got on the bike to turn it over a few time to clear it out.

WOOOOFFF!!!! The fuel ignited right in between my legs!!!
Looking down in disbelief at the fire in between my legs, and right under the fuel tank, I ditched the bike in the middle of the street and jumped off. and started to pat the my pants were fire was burning me. It would not go out. I knew that fuel had saturated my pants, and they had to go. I striped them off in record time, and ran to get a hose. Yep, but naked in the street putting out 5 foot flames!!

After the flames were out, the bike is chard, burnt, and ruined. I went to the ER to have them patch me up. Today, I went to the burn clinic, and to my surprise, the burns were on the high side of second degree, almost third degree, and received the first of two skin grafts.

I was looking at the bike, wondering how much it would cost to rebuild. But my kids will not even think of ridding the OCC chopper, and then the words skin graft keeps popping in my head. Nope!! The bikes have now got to go.

Had a ton of fun, but we are done. I am glad I got to enjoy and share this hobby for a while, I will remember it for the rest of my life.

Anyone interested in an OCC chopper with a chrome engine kit??? Runs great, no damage at all.


Watching my kids enjoy what they have learned and built, is why we started MB'ing
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