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The HP is there but just can't be used because of all the restriction from the stock parts such as the cat muffler and sorry quality intake pipes and such.It's like you trying to run while being able to only breath through a straw that's how alot of these engines are. The Xchambers allows better breathing for the engine and then some, a better carb allows the engine to get the right fuel mixture without 4stroking, bogging, sputtering and so on, though some stock nt carbs are awesome but they lack the full potential for some engines. Listen guys I'm not trying to be annoying or rude I just want the facts out there, all you need is some research and 2 months worth of hours on these engines and you can understand what I'm talking about. I've had three of these engines and all were the same deal. Why do you think Bairdco can hit 62MPH on his bike with an HT engine, sure he's got like a 25T sprocket but still there's no way he could go that fast without upgrading for more power.
Who needs brakes all they do is slow you down.

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