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Cool Pant or Jean leg caught / catches on clutch lever nut

Does anyone else have this annoying problem? When you're taking off from a stop and have to pedal real hard at first, does your left jean or pant leg catch on the nut that holds on the clutch lever? It's been driving me nuts (grin), and I'm in the process of engineering various solutions.

My first idea (will post pics and results) is to remove the nut, put a wire clamp (like a small version of what goes on a car battery), then attach some black wire which I will run upward and tie to the frame. This should make it so the jean or pant leg will brush past the wire strand and not have a surface to catch on. I also thought of using a 90 degree metal corner to again bolt on with the nut that holds down the clutch lever, then attach some metal to the other end of the 90 degree piece and run it upwards. Or maybe some kind of half-circle metal hood (think tiny umbrella) could cover the surface of the nut itself?

Ideas anyone? Especially ideas that don't involve rolling your pants or shoving them into your socks like a dorkmonger. (I mean that with all due humor)
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