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Originally Posted by atombomb232610 View Post
29" genisis onyx aluminum frame with a z-80 slant head, port match and polish, bp7 plug, stock air cleaner,nt carb(stock jet, middle needle),custom full length exhaust with pocketbike expansion chamber, all gaskets sealed with indian head and carb sealed with non hardening rtv. 36t gear. bike is 60lbs full. and im 180lbs. 48mph sitting up. 52mph in full tuck board tracker position on a 72degree day.

52MPH with a stock engine & a 36T!

I have a 36T on a bike that has had several mods done to the engine with 26" wheels and it screams like it is coming apart at 38MPH.

Another bike I have has a 34T driven on a 26" wheel and it has hit 41mph sounds like it is coming apart at that speed, very high revs.... the engine has had everything smoothed up, port matched on both ends, port matched Manic intake, shaved head for much higher compression, and the upper wrist pin bearing has been replaced with a heavy duty one, good free flowing exhaust and well tuned NT carb with better K&N type air filter and 41MPH is tops on this 26" bike.

If you're really getting a GPS verified 52MPH out of that thing you really have a jewel of an engine there being able to pull those big 29-ers like that.

Wow...! Ride safe for sure.

Peace, map
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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