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Default Re: Mb's for disaster recovery

i think instead of trying to make a bike a generator would be to make a trailer or a side saddle generator that also used the same engine as the bike. so if one breaks down it can be swapped with one that works.
also i don't think a 4 stroke is needed because of finding gas/oil mix.
the reason is that chainsaws are very much needed in disaster recovery & they use oil/gas mix. all that has to be done is a couple of packets of oil. like opti-2. one packet would make over 100 miles of gas. also the oil could be used for a happy time generator, & a chainsaw.
a chain saw could be put on the other side of the side saddle to balance the bike.
all that & an expandable fiberglass pole to clear downed lines would make one **** of a disaster bike.

i would be happy to donate money to help build such a bike.

i remember in boca raton when we didn't have power for a week & all the trees were knocked down.
a friend drove all the way down from tennessee with supplies.
he didn't even call ahead.
he showed up with gas, chainsaws, several cartons of different kinds of cigarettes, liqueur, & a special green herb.
what a saviour.
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