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Default First build and got some probs

Ok, I bought a chinna motor off ebay and this is what my probs were, I had to drill into the frame twice first time motor didnt fit and the second i got it fit, so there are two holes very close to eachother, Ok now motor probs The stock spark plug does not fit i was pushing it down as hard as I could and it wouldnt stay, next prob is the chain rubs the wheel. I have smaller tires I will probably put on tommorow hope that fixes it, And my clutch cable broke I need a new one can I just get a diff cable from the store?
and I was very confused on how the clutch cable fits and works is there supposed to be resistance at the long arm because mine had no resistance at all it was very loose, And last prob is The tire wont turn when I try to pedal I really need some help, Im going with my dad to his shop again tommorow please help asap!
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