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howdy folks!

i'm not new to this forum, but i am a new member of it. i live in a small city out in berkshire county of massachusetts, andwork at eastover resort as the landscape architect. but in my spare time i put these motorbikes together and design parts as i need them. i have a grubee skyhawk 66cc on a royce union with a ragjoint 44 sprocket, pirate cycle ported carb throat, slightly modified muffler, special rubber motor mount. it goes 34.7 mph, but 26 is comfortable.

i am in the process of starting a business selling installations and fully assembled bikes, and have been sponsored by a local business owner to make a prototype for him to show around. its a v frame with the ezm honda kit on a hd axle with blowbyu's 62 tooth machined aluminum sprocket, plus many extras.
o my goodness! lunch break is over, gotta go: pics and more info later!

toodle pip and cheerio!
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