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I (literally) picked up a inner-shield (flux core) 115V welder today from Home de Pot and walked two and some miles with it so I could manufacture a $5 part.

It's cool though since I now own a welding machine after all these years.. What is obvious is my flux core skills are lacking.. Bead quality is lacking and I will be happy to run up my electric bill exploring the utility of this Lincoln unit.

For now, this part (below) was not measured and worked .. Just hacked together, drilled and fit to eye.
It turned out exact and it's utility will serve well. Well enough for me to take time to craft a part I am proud of. Until then I can defend my 1 hour hack as "does the job" and fits right without wasting time because I have little and the sun was setting as I worked.
It was interesting on the welding as I had to open the kit, assemble the welder and the parts and "cold turkey" strike an arc and make the best of what the highest setting offered.
My goal was penetration and weld that will not break..
As ugly as it is, and I do say the work is ugly, I have no fear it will break in the near future.

Now that I can weld at will, that I do not have to negotiate with friends that have a welder, I can now take the time to fab a nice looking part and take time to get used to this new flux core machine.

Buy a Lincoln Electric Weld Pack HD Feed Welder (599595) from The Home Depot

The brush and hand held hood suck but the wire unit is decent and they provide a big spool.. Big spool is cool ...

Well now I have reason to jack up the electric bill..

The unit works off any 20 amp plug but it did okay on a 15 amp GFI plug that is wired to a 20 amp line and on an extension cord.

Okay then.. I have a work mate taking me to and from work and I can now tell him that I am on schedule to "un-ass" his ride as I said I would now that this UGLY part is made.

I look forward to time enough to fab and weld something pretty.

Tomorrow hopefully I will re-assemble once I get a ball bearing for the clutch pin..
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