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Default Re: A note of caution on the HF 212

Well map, you seem like a pretty civil guy so no hard feelings I hope when I point out in my post I said:

Originally Posted by happyvalley View Post
IMO, other than perhaps some specific uses, like for racing, the engine is too big for use on a bicycle on the street.
IMO, in my opinion that is and I'm sure you got yours. I don't know what all the laws are in TX regarding motorized bicycles but where I live and about in about 30 other states the law tops out around 50cc and 2 BHP. I'd like to see motorized bicycles not regulated out of existence or regulated much at all. Unfortunately I saw that happen with mopeds in the 1970's when they boomed with the gas price hikes of the OPEC embargo era. Mopeds were pretty much unregulated at first but then all across the country states began requiring license, ins, inspection, or registration, etc. That killed the boom. I notice 'mission creep' setting in on the world of motored bicycles where they seem headed more toward motored cycles, in other words a low ball entry in two wheeled motor sport, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who will notice this either.

Above that, I do not think even very good bicycles are manufactured with specs made to carry much in the way of auxiliary power and cheap bikes even less, most of those are built to be pedaled 10 to maybe 15 mph top speed max in mind. How many times have we seen where the 50 to 66cc! china 2 strokes have broken tubes or cracked welding? The professor started this thread with a caution on unsettling vibration, as I said I'm not surprised.

Anyway, that's my opinion, speaking of which, here's another.....

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
your more apt to get stopped peddling a bike around here
Now, something crossed up there, that just ain't right, lol.
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