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This power to gear ratio applies to cars as well. For example, the bugatti veyron with 800HP can hit 200MPH, but in order to pass the wind resistance it needs that extra 500HP to get another 50MPH. The same goes with these HT engines. Here in town a cop clocked me doing 37MPH with a 44T tooth sprocket yes my engine did sound like a bomb waiting to burst but it still could have gone even faster if I would have pushed it more. Now with a 36T sprocket my engine purrs at 30MPH but I need very few upgrades to hit 36MPH easy but, for my bike atleast maybe with others bikes too, they will need all the upgrades they can get to hit 45MPH, also bringing in wheel diameter into play. Mine is 26"x2.00. I need to do more tuning on the Xchamber and I'll be able to hit 40MPH no problem. With all due respect to you guys who think HP is not that important for top speed, really look that up sometime about more HP needed to pass wind drag and such, you'll see what I'm talking about.
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