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Default Re: A note of caution on the HF 212

What I was really getting at in the previous post was the fact that around here in small town Texas, no one cares how big an engine on a bike or anything else for that matter is, and yes it is a big Republic and many of us here are very proud of that just like everyone else is of their home state, we do tend to like things big around here, maybe it's because the (state/little country) is so big we need big stuff to try to fill it up......Shrug..LOL!

There's a fella that lives in my comunity that built a trike with a 350 Chevy as the power plant, a motorcycle front end and a narrow small car diff. in the rear, he built a cab that looks like the one on the Adams Family car, he has it street legal and rides it to town all the time in good weather, that sucker is so lite that it will stand straight up if he nails the throttle to hard.......yeah we like things like that so a 6.5hp engine on a bike around here wouldn't bother anyone, even the cops would just look at it and want one, your more apt to get stopped peddling a bike around here than you will on a MB, the law just gives me a thumbs up and grins real big when I ride by, they could care less what the engine size is they just think the bikes are cool.

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