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Default Re: UNBELIEVABLE!!! Stupid POLICE!! and NYS!!

[QUOTE=WildAlaskan;323419][quote] Now these bikes are for drunks and suspended license idiots that think they can ride these as transportation and not get caught.

im one of those idiots i dont think u should judge anyone because they made a mistake afterall ur not the one who has to live with it

what the fuch would u do if ur still paying for the mistakes of the past cant get a licence cause u cant afford the extortionist license reinstatement fees court fines electric devices etc. etc.
Here in NY you cannot drive any sort of motor vehicle at all with a suspended license or DWI charges. I know a guy who got arrested while driving a riding lawn mower on the road, because of a DWI charge. His neighbor called the cops on him.

Sorry man....I'll be careful to what I say next time.... didn't mean to ruin your day....sorry.
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